How to refill OKI Okidata C330dn, C530dn, MC361, MC561, MC890, MC950, MC950 MFP printers
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How to refill OKI Okidata C330dn, C530dn,  MC361, MC561, MC890, MC950, MC950 MFP printers.

PLEASE NOTE: Our refill kit intended to refill functional cartridge. If (before you refill your cartridge) your cartridge is already printing with streaks, smudges or lines, your cartridge is basically already defective or exhibiting signs of defect, and "refilling" it will not bring it back to life. Toner cartridges have multiple moving parts that do wear out and affect quality. Our refills are intended to provide the same quality prints as the last few pages that your cartridge printed before you refilled it. DO NOT refill defective cartridge

This refill kit will not work on the stater cartridges ( the cartridges that came with printer) due to the starter cartridges do not have any chip frames to hold the chip.Please see picture below.

1.  Find a clean and well ventilated area to fill or work on the cartridge(s) to avoid spilling/inhaling of toner powder

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 Empty the hopper/cartridge and clean thoroughly by using a vacuum.. This step is very important; better cleaning of the cartridge and not mixing previous toner with new toner, the better quality printing result.

Shake the toner powder well until it appears liquid like. Open cap carefully and scew on the funnel.You may need to cut the funnel by using the scissor.  Refill the the toner..... then clean any spilled toner thoroughly by using a vacuum.

5 replace the chip

6. Clean out the waste toner hopper only for Black toner cartridge.


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