How to refill the toner cartridges for Dell and Xerox printer
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How to refill the toner cartridges for Dell 1320CN, Xerox 6125, 1630, 6140, 6500 series

Supplies require

1. toner powder

2 replacement chip.

Tool require:

 vacuum to clean the cartridges ( the better you clean the remain toner powder in the cartridges the better quality you will get latter)

A small common screwdriver

1. Remove the two screws located on the waste chamber. Remove the waste chamber. Be careful not to lose the gears

2. Press in on the two tabs of one side as shown to release the waste chamber. It is sometimes helpful to press back on the waste chamber as the tabs are pressed in

3. Clean out any waste toner from the chamber

4.  Remove the supply hopper cover. Clean out any remaining toner.

5.  Fill the hopper with the appropriate color toner. Remember, while the cartridges all look the same, they are not inter- changeable. Each color has a different set of plastic tabs.

Clean the plastic lip where the hopper cover sits of any toner, replace the cover.

7. Install the waste chamber on to the supply hopper. Make sure all four tabs are locked in place

8. Re-install the black tape seal across the seam. If the OEM tape is no use-able, good black Rubber electrical tape (not the vinyl type) will work fine (toner will stick to anything made from vinyl).

9. Carefully pry up the plastic chip holder tab.

10. Slide the holder out of the cartridge and replace the chip.remember the chip may difference that the images.  

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