How to reset the drum ( imaging unit) for Okidata C330dn, C530dn, MC361, MC561, MC890, MC950, MC950 MFP printers
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How to reset drum( imaging unit) for OKI Okidata C330dn, C530dn, MC361, MC561, MC890, MC950, MC950 MFP printers

The instruction below is for Okidata C330dn printer, but the step will be the same with another OKi printer

1. unplug the power


2. open the printer cover

3 . Prepare a soft cloth to cover the drum from the bottom as well as one on top to protect the drum unit when removing from printer.

4. Remove the drum unit from the printer and place on top of the soft cloth. Use another soft cloth to cover the unit so as to protect it from the light. If the drum unit is exposed to light for too long, the quality of the print will decrease.

5. In this diagram, this is where the fuse will be installed. Please take note of the placement of this area.

6. Return the drum unit back into the printer.  Then close the cover, plug the printer and turn the printer back on. The imaging or drum unit will reset.

7. After the printer resets, it is recommended to remove the fuse out of the unit as it is not needed anymore. When removing the fuse, please follow the same steps as for when installing the fuse.

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